Songs can make you laugh, cry, tap your toes, want to dance, tell a story, and want to connect with the world around you.  Songs can be as complicated as you want them to be, but it is often the simple ones that are fun to play and sing.  This is what Kevin Land believes, and what he brings to his song writing.

Kevin grew up in the Northwest Territories and Deadwood, Alberta where he always had a creative side.  Before he was a teenager he was drawing cartoon strips for the local paper.  Being artistic and drawing cartoons helped him get in tune with the small details of everyday life.  Kevin’s house was always filled with music, and was on stage with his family performing at an early age.  Kevin grew up enjoying the songs of Don Williams, John Denver, and Roger Miller, which he still loves to play at home or around a camp fire.

Kevin has been writing songs for a long time, but has just recently became more serious about writing, recording, and performing.  His songs may come along at any time, but is often inspired as he sits in his diamond willow chair, looking out on the Alberta landscape.  His songs are about the life around him.